MP3 Music Download App

Best MP3 Music Download App For Android And IOS

MP3 Music Download App – The Internet has changed how people enjoy music today. We don’t need a CD or DVD to listen to our favorite songs. We can stream our favorite artist’s songs from the online music streaming platform and listen to them anywhere with our mobile devices. However, it becomes a problem when we can’t access a proper internet connection. This is where MP3 Music Download App comes in as a solution.

As its name implies, you can download songs from various artists and convert them into MP3 files. Then, you can play it without using an internet connection. This app helps you when you want to enjoy your favorite songs when you have no access to an internet connection or the internet connection is too slow or having a problem. So, what kind of app can you use for listening to music offline?

MP3 Music Download App

YouTube Music

YouTube Music can be considered one of the best apps to download music MP3. In the first place, this app is an online music streaming app. You can listen to music from various artists online. However, it also has a download feature that allows you to save the songs you like for offline playing, where you get them in MP3 format file.

The advantages of YouTube Music are you can listen to and download it legally. It also has a lyric section for you who want to sing along. You also can use lyrics to find the song you want to listen to. It helps a lot when you forget the title of the song but only remember part of its lyrics. Furthermore, the songs you can listen to and download from YouTube Music are not only songs from the album. You also can download songs from live shows or concerts. So, you get a different feeling when you listen to them on this app.

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However, if you want to download the songs and get their MP3 file, you must upgrade your account to YouTube Music Premium. Yes, it is the paid version of this service. You can still listen to the song for free with your free account. However, you can’t download it and it also has ads. You can find the YouTube Music app on Google PlayStore and AppStore.

Muzio Player

If you don’t like the YouTube Music interface, you can use Muzio Player. This app is the alternative version of YouTube Music. This app also has been integrated with YouTube Music, so you can get a similar song collection and similar features, like lyrics and offline playing. For offline playing, you need to download the music MP3 from YouTube Music. Therefore, you also should have a YouTube Music Premium account to do that.

The other features of Muzio Player are genre categorization. You can easily find music based on more than 30 genres in this app. Therefore, finding the song you like won’t take too much time. The best feature might be the ringtone feature. Yes, you can use this MP3 Music Download App to create a ringtone for your mobile device. Now, you can listen to your favorite song whenever someone calls your number!

Muzio Player is available in free and paid versions. We recommend you get the paid version for more features to download music. You can find Muzio Player on AppStore for iOS devices and PlayStore for Android devices.

MP3 Music Download App


Resso is considered a new online music streaming app. It was launched in 2020 and gets many users because of its features and advantages you can’t find on other similar apps. For example, you can share song recommendations with your friends, so it also has a social media aspect in its feature. That makes many people love this music app.

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The only flaw of Resso is the song collection. Compared to the other popular music apps, like Spotify or JOOX, Resso has a smaller song database than them. However, the interface is easy to use and looks attractive, which is another plus point of this music app.

Resso also offers a download feature for all songs this app has. Yes, you can download all songs from its collection without any limitations. However, you must buy a premium plan to use this service. Currently, you can find three types of membership plans, which is an individual plan ($1.25/month), a family plan ($2.26/month), and a student plan ($0.56/month).

Compared to other similar services, the premium plan price is cheaper. Moreover, you also can choose the MP3 quality you want to download. Then, to play the downloaded MP3 song, you can find them all in the Offline section of your account menu. You can play them without the internet and the quality of the sound will be depending on the quality of the MP3 you choose when you download it.


This new app launched in 2022 and became the hottest topic among the music streamer community. One of the reasons is this app allows you to download the songs for free. When we say free, it is completely free. You pay nothing to listen to and download music for offline playing. No need to sign up for a premium account to download.

However, when you want to download a song, you must watch the ads, which is a good compromise. Then, you get MP3 music that you can play offline.

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TREBEL has signed a contract with three major music labels. They are Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Warner Music Group. So, if your favorite artist works under one of those labels, there is a chance you can find their song in TREBEL. Of course, that means you also can download them for offline playing for free. TREBEL is also available for iOS and Android.


Those are several apps you can use to download MP3 songs. However, if you want more than that, such as a download feature, top charts, indexed songs, and videos that make everything easier to find, you can use Tubidy and its app. So, enjoy your favorite MP3 Music Download App now.