Free MP3 Music Downloads

Discover The Best Sites For Free MP3 Music Downloads

Free MP3 Music Downloads – Listening to music has become part of our daily activities. We do that when commuting or while working and studying. Fortunately, we have so many music platforms we can choose from for our needs of the music. However, they need an internet connection to play. So, if we have no internet connection or have an internet connection problem, we can’t use this service. The only solution is to use Free MP3 Music Download service.

You can find many websites with that service. The service allows you to download music from the internet. Then, convert the music into an MP3 file and save it on your mobile device or computer. You can use the music player app and software to play those MP3 files without using an internet connection.

Here, we have a list of the best sites where you can download MP3 music for free. Moreover, these sites are legal, so you don’t have to worry about the law. You can use their music as long as you want. Let’s start!

Free MP3 Music Downloads


This website is the best place to download MP3 music from up-and-coming or unknown artists. You might be unable to find a song from your favorite artists. Who knows, maybe you will find a hidden gem here?! You can get an earlier start on following an artist that might be a big star in the future.

Reverbnation holds more than 3.5 million artists from many music genres. You can stream their music from this website and download them. However, if you want to download their music, you must create an account. The only flaw of this website is it doesn’t have a great hip-hop collection. So, you might need to find other sites, if you are a hip-hop lover or want to download hip-hop music.

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Website link:


SoundCloud is one of the popular platforms for listening to music. You can listen to songs from indie bands, upcoming artists, and even popular singers. We put it on our list because it also offers a free download service for many songs you can find here. However, you can’t download all songs you can find on SoundCloud. You can only download the song that is allowed to download by its artist, which means it is legal and safe to use.

This platform also has a huge library of mainstream music. If you want to get an MP3 track from your favorite artist, you can click the “Download” or “Free Download” button next to that song. If you can’t find this button that means that song is not available for download. But, we can say that many good songs are free to download, which makes SoundCloud a good resource for collecting MP3 for offline playback.

Website link:


Bandcamp offers thousands of songs from various artists, from popular singers to indie artists. This website even provides a separate section where you can only find free music to download. Best of all, you can download them without creating an account.

However, downloading from Bandcamp is a bit tricky. Here is the step on how to use the Free MP3 Music Download on Bandcamp:

  • Choose a song you want to download (the song must be free and downloadable),
  • Click the “Buy Digital Track” button,
  • Enter “0” on the price field bar,
  • The free download link will come out, then click that button,
  • Choose the “download to your computer” option,
  • Enter your valid email address,
  • Click the “OK” button to get the file from Bandcamp.
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Once it finishes the download process, you can play the MP3 song for free without an internet connection. You can only use this free download feature on downloadable songs and for one song. You can’t download an album for free. To download an album, you must create an account and pay for it.

Free MP3 Music Downloads


Jamendo is the place where you find various genres of music from new and independent artists. You can stream their music for free. More importantly, the download service is also free to use. Get the entire track for free in MP3 format here. However, to download music and songs you can find in Jamendo, you should create an account. It is also a free Jamendo account, so it won’t give you any problems.

Other than songs, you also can find sound effects and background music with the royalty-free feature. Therefore, if you are looking for music for your video or commercial use, you can get it here. Enjoy them all without restriction and use them on your YouTube video, Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and more.

Jamendo also provides playlists in different music genres. You can find indie music, metal, electro-waves, rock, jazz, and many more. Jamendo provides that music free to download. Therefore, it is the best destination for you who need free MP3 music legally.

Website link:

YouTube Audio Library

This place is not an option for you who are looking for mainstream music. But, this is the paradise for all kinds of soundtracks, background music, sound effects, and similar stuff. Moreover, all music you can find in YouTube Audio Library is free to download and royalty-free music. They are no-copyright music created for the content creator. So, even if you use it for your YouTube video, you won’t violate copyright and YouTube’s term of service.

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You don’t need third-party software or a website to rip YouTube music. The music you can find in YouTube Audio Library has a download link. Click it to download the song or soundtrack to your computer. You can download it in various file formats, including MP3 format. This place will be your best partner as a content creator.

Website link:


Those are several websites where you can get Free MP3 Music Download services. You don’t need an internet connection to play your favorite music. And, if you need more than just a simple MP3 download service, you can always visit Tubidy and use its download feature. Try it now and enjoy music and video from various online platforms for free!