How To Convert YouTube Videos To Tubidy

How To Convert YouTube Videos To Tubidy? Follow The 4 Steps Below And Get The MP3 Version

How To Convert YouTube Videos To Tubidy? – Listening to music in MP3 format on a mobile phone seems to be simpler. The MP3 format files are also smaller than video files. A specific third-party application, such as Tubidy will help to convert the files.

What if it is a YouTube video? How to convert YouTube videos to Tubidy? Learn the steps here and enjoy the best YouTube videos on your mobile phone in the form of MP3 format.

How To Convert YouTube Videos To Tubidy

Get Your Account

Tubidy is a third-party platform. It is not a part of Google. Yet, this music downloader platform has an official website. Then, create a new account.

Click on my account menu and log in. Ensure you are following all the requirements to have an account on this website.

Select the Video

You can do anything, including converting YouTube music videos when having an account on Tubidy. There are two ways to find the music video you want to convert.

First, use the search box. In this method, you must know at least the singer, song title, or lyric.

Type it in the search box and hit the magnifier icon. The system will show the list to you.

How To Convert YouTube Videos To Tubidy

Start Downloading the Music Video

How to convert YouTube videos to Tubidy? Pick the video and tap the download button. Choose the format for the downloaded videos.

Change the video format to MP3 since you want to have an audio file on your smartphone. Why is Tubidy not downloading? It is a common question for its users.

It can be because of video copyright or an internet connection. You can also send a question related to the download issue to customer support. They will help to find the best solution.

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Find the Downloaded Music on Your Mobile Phone

The MP3 file should be on your mobile phone when the downloading process is done. Try to play the file.

If you have a compatible audio player app on your mobile phone there will be no problem. You can listen to the MP3 file anytime and anywhere.

Converting YouTube videos to Tubidy is so simple, right? It can be a good alternative if you want to get a specific YouTube video in other formats, such as MP3.

Now, you don’t need to get curious and keep asking “how to convert YouTube videos to Tubidy?” You know how to do it. Use this guide to get MP3 files you want. Then, enjoy the audio!