Why Is Tubidy Not Downloading On Internet Explorer

Why Is Tubidy Not Downloading On Internet Explorer? Here Are Some Possible Problems To Solve

Why is Tubidy not downloading on Internet Explorer? If you are looking for a site or app to download your favorite music, Tubidy is the best answer. People just love it because the app is very easy to use. Only in some simple steps, you can find your favorite song on your device storage. Furthermore, the music collections are very complete in various languages and genres.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in this world, including Tubidy. No matter how good the app is, sometimes, it just doesn’t work well. In certain browsers like Internet Explorer, it cannot grant your wish to download your favorite songs. Why can it happen?

Why Is Tubidy Not Downloading On Internet Explorer

Terrible Network

Before blaming Tubidy or Internet Explorer, it is better to check the network first. Often, you just don’t realize that the server is down or something. So, take a look at the bar and watch if the connection is good or not.

If it is good, you may move to other assumptions of why the song is not downloaded well. But if the connection is bad, you may restart your device or check your internet data. Downloading takes more data than browsing. So, you indeed need it more.

Why Is Tubidy Not Downloading On Internet Explorer

You are logged out

To download more collections from Tubidy, you are required to log in first. In other words, make sure you have an account on the site and it is in the log-in condition.

Why is Tubidy not downloading on Internet Explorer? In case you cannot download your favorite music, check whether you are logged out or not. Yes, automatically logging out is possible particularly if you are not visiting this site for a long time. The solution is, of course, by logging into your account so that you can enjoy the music.

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Aside from logging out, another common problem is that your account has been deactivated. The reason is unclear why Tubidy deactivates some accounts. Maybe, they just want to remove double accounts made by the same users. Well, this site is indeed very popular in the realm of music lovers so security must be tight. Why is Tubidy so popular? Sure, because the site has great music collections after all.

Troubles on Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a good browser but undeniably, it has some problems. The speed is quite slow when accessing certain sites. Besides, there can be a lot of caches that you need to remove soon. So, try to solve this problem by restarting the app or removing the cache.

Check also if the browser has not been upgraded for a long time. The old version tends to have worse performance for sure. By upgrading it, it works better and you may successfully download songs from Tubidy. Yes, it is one of the reasons why is Tubidy not downloading on Internet Explorer.